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Digital Agenda

The Agenda for Your Digital Transformation

The successful planning and implementation of ideas and measures for digital transformation requires a holistic approach to the development of the Digital Agenda, taking into account a wide range of expertise. Develop your Digital Agenda for your individual path to digital transformation together with our UNITY experts.

The Digital Agenda addresses the key questions:

  • What level of maturity does the company have with regard to digital transformation?
  • On which goals and core areas does the company have to concentrate with regard to Digital Transformation?
  • How can digital transformation be implemented in an agile and efficient way?

Our Consulting Services for your Digital Agenda

1. Understand

Where do you stand today in the digital ecosystem and where is there a need for action?


Your Benefit 

Understanding of one's own digital maturity level and awareness of one's own position.


How can you achieve this?

  • Carrying out a digital maturity check
  • Identification of value-creating processes and activities
  • Identification of digitalization potentials and risks

2. Design 

What is the digital target and which path must be taken to achieve it?


Your Benefit

Concrete digital vision and defined fields of action for digital transformation.

How can you achieve this?

  • Create cross-functional vision (including alignment with corporate strategy)
  • Identify future requirements (customer, technology, market etc.)
  • Strategic derivation of digital areas of action

3. Planning

Which masueres and digital skills provide the greatest benefit for achieving the objectives?


Your Benefit 

Understanding of necessary digital skills in the company, financial effects and feasible measures.

How can you achieve this?

  • Identify "white gaps" in your own digital skills
  • Create area-specific digital roadmaps
  • Evaluate revenue and cost effects

4. Transform

How can a smooth transformation and adapted governance be guaranteed?


Your Benefit

Avoidance of implementation obstacles and an adapted governance model.


How can you achieve this?

  • Implement holistic change management
  • Use best practices and agile project management
  • Analyze and adapt the governance model



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What our Customers say about their Digital Agenda with UNITY

“UNITY’s expertise and implementation strength helped us to successfully refine IT/OT roles and responsibilities. Therefore, we have taken an important step towards closer and more efficient cooperation between IT and OT.“

Johannes Schubmehl, Head of IT Functional Leadership, Bayer AG



“UNITY has helped us make Industrie 4.0 tangible for the MRO business and validate our requirements for tracking technologies and IoT platforms. With their expertise, UNITY consultants were able to transform our ambitious goals into prototypes and transferable working models.”

Gerrit Rexhausen, Program Manager MRO 4.0, Lufthansa Technik



"With UNITY's expertise, we have jointly succeeded in developing a blueprint for Dürkopp Adler's digitalization that will make it much easier for us to master future challenges."

Michael Kilian, Board Member Dürkopp Adler Group



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