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Align employee needs with your business goals!

An organization’s capabilities of are one of its most important competitive differentiators today and in the future. Companies are in a constant state of change under the influence of diverse external factors and must develop ways to achieve a new normal. From a business perspective, this transformation can only be shaped successfully from within.

We focus on empowering our customers in overlapping strategy topics such as digitalization or sustainability, leading in teams, performance improvements, and in functional areas such as agility, sales, and operations. Our Academy approach combines employee needs with business objectives. It is implemented in end-to-end Learner Journeys and integrated into the everyday lives of your employees through multimedia - from top management to middle management to operational and administrative staff.

The Academy is the link between business and personal development in HR. Benefit from our experience in developing holistic enablement programs combined with in-depth industry understanding. Together with you, we build the capabilities in your company according to your needs, so that your value creation is positively influenced.

Our Academy approach supports you in the following areas:

Transformation means breaking down outdated structures and establishing new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching things. To achieve this, new mindsets and skills must be developed in leadership, and curiosity and openness must be stimulated at the operational level.

Key Topics: Agile, Design Thinking, New Normal, Virtual Collaboration, Modern Leadership

Digitalization is a key driver of change today, requiring companies to realign strategies and scale digital initiatives in a matter of days or weeks. Data analytics, cyber security, digital technology, design and leadership skills are essential for this. Building these capabilities requires a holistic approach.

Key Topics: Digital Mindset & Leadership, Cyber Security, Data Driven Services

In order to remain competitive in the long term and to make the best possible use of the potential in your own organization, it is essential to achieve the optimal operational level throughout the entire value chain. This includes, for example, sales, production, logistics or service, which must be enabled as best as possible according to its needs.

Key Topis: Systems Engineering, PLM, Maintenance, Decarbonization, Lean Management

In times of ever shorter innovation cycles and opening markets, the ability to innovate successfully is becoming a key competitive advantage. We help you to increase your company's innovative power to a new level.

Key Topics: Foresight, Innovation Management, Customer Centricity, Customer Experience

Together with you, we design your Academy's central building blocks

Become a transformation winner with our academy approach and enable your organization to build up the necessary skills that are in-demand sustainably. The key to success is to consistently design the enablement process from awareness to multiplication. Benefit from our many years of cross-industry experience in the area of transformation management.

Create awareness 
Demonstrate the need for change to the affected target groups and gain their support.

Show individuals the personal opportunities and added value that comes with the change.

Design training modules according to needs and conduct them on-site or online.

Coach employees continuously to anchor skills for long-term effects.

Scale knowledge acquired and personal experience through opportunities to exchange information.



Empowering employees needs-oriented and sustainably is becoming increasingly important in times of increasingly complex and diverse customer needs and products. Buzzwords such as "lifelong learning" and "learner journeys" are becoming critical elements in personnel development.

At the UNITYacademy, we support and advise you as HR managers and executives in putting together the right Learner Journeys for the individual needs of your organization.

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