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Data Driven Services

Data is the New Oil

The networked and digital world has created a new resource: data. From medium-sized companies to large corporations, this internal business resource must be dealt with in the context of digital transformation. New, data-driven business models – Data Driven Services – must be developed that are integrated into established business models or even replace them (disruption). The challenges faced by companies are to determine what data is even available within the company, and what insights can be concluded from the past as well as in the future. In addition to the nature of the data, data quality also plays a decisive role. New opportunities are created for companies to become active in the market by networking with open data sources. Identifying and building upon these opportunities requires internal transformation in the company. Recognize and seize the potential of your data! Together with you, we develop the data strategy, the necessary data architecture and implement data driven business models as well as data driven services.

Our Consulting Services for Data Driven Services

Data-Based Business Model

We develop data-driven business models together with you and derive requirements for your architecture and company that can be used as a roadmap for your path into the future.

Data Architecture

We provide you with support in analyzing your data architecture. What data exists in your company and where is this data? Together, we develop a data architecture that supports your data-driven business model.


Data-driven business models place demands on your business. Questions such as data protection and data ownership must be clarified and considered as a part of the digital strategy. We help you transform your organization into a data-driven company.

Model Building & Model Training

Predictions can be made based on your data. These are based on models and patterns that generate your data. In collaboration with your technical department and statistical methods, we identify and develop these patterns, and then develop models for your data driven business models.

Scalable Service Architecture

Your digital business models can form the basis for services that can be offered to consumers as well as your business customers. Together, we develop service architectures and service portfolios that are scalable to meet the needs of your business or market situations.

Launch Service & Market Entry

Together with you, we develop strategies to position your new services or products on the market. Issues such as pricing models, partnerships and customer contact are discussed and answered.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of AI will have a profound impact on business processes and models. We support you in evaluating and using AI for your business.

Next Data Services

Next Data Services

Next Data Services is our partner for individual solutions in the areas of data services, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

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