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Cyber Security

Protect Your Digital Business – Both Inside and Out

Utilizing state of the art technologies such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) does not only accelerate your digital transformation. The increasing size and complexity of your IT infrastructure offers attackers and ever-wider spectrum of possible vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security mit UNITY

With UNITY, Cyber Security becomes an enabler of your digital transformation. We support you with organizational and technical measures to prepare your organization for a new generation of cyber threats. Four aspects shape our services in order to implement a holistic approach for your Cyber Security projects: in accordance with your corporate strategy, UNITY handles Cyber Security challenges throughout all organizational levels, including your end-to-end business processes while considering appropriate technical solutions.

Our Consulting Services for Cyber Security


Together with you, UNITY develops a Cyber Security strategy that is aligned with your corporate objectives. After conducting a maturity level check and determining the status-quo of your Cyber Security capabilities, we create a transformation roadmap that addresses all identified cyber threats with specific measures. We plan strategic initiatives to eliminate vulnerabilities to your business for the long term.

Organization & Governance

Rethinking Cyber Security requires designing organizational structures and creating an awareness of security on all hierarchical levels. UNITY develops guidelines and governance frameworks together with you, based on common standards such as ISO 27001, NIST and BSI in order to effectively achieve your company’s necessary compliance goals. We implement awareness campaigns targeted towards management and employee levels, and prepare your company for possible threats from both inside and out.

Processes and Services

UNITY provides you with comprehensive consulting services to secure and monitor your organization and the systems that need to be protected. Our experienced consultants identify, classify and prioritize your information resources that are critical for your business so that you can focus your security initiatives in a targeted manner. By developing and implementing an identity & access management strategy, you can be ensured that you control internal risks and protect your company from cyberattacks. Your critical resources are only accessed by the right people at the right time. Processes and technologies that support your information security are an important building block for successful Cyber Security: UNITY can help you build a Security Operations Center (SOC) that will make your security competencies more effective through centralization, structuring and coordination.


Increasing connectivity and the distribution of systems through the use of IoT based infrastructures and cloud technologies requires your security programs to reach an entirely new level. UNITY works out a security concept together with you for IoT and cloud applications, sustainably improving your cyber resilience working with selected technology partners.

Cyber Security in Supply Chain Management

In the supply chain sector, there is usually a discrepancy between the enormous importance of cyber security and the implementation status of valid security concepts. This gap can be closed by targeted activities and a lasting cyber security strategy. Read more about it!


Blockchain technology requires radically different ways of thinking in value networks. We support you in evaluating the potential of the blockchain for your business, identifying concrete use cases, designing them with you and implementing them.

Cyber Security in Healthcare

Healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular target for cyberattacks. Protect your hospital!

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