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Pragmatic and efficient implementation

The growing complexity of automobile products, increasing diversity of variants, and global expansion are posing automobile suppliers with new challenges. Because of the takeover of more and more aspects of the automobile value chain by suppliers, the current challenges are also being faced by 2nd-tier suppliers. The automotive suppliers are under enormous cost pressure. The framework requires a customized UNITY consulting approach to meet suppliers' needs: Consulting in pragmatic and efficient implementation based on best practices. UNITY's consulting teams know the best solution strategies because of their extensive experience in consulting projects with automotive suppliers and their know-how in executing these with their customers. Our customers benefit from fast, transparent, and effective optimization projects.

Our Consulting Services for Automotive Suppliers


We support automotive suppliers in joint ventures as well as in adapting processes and structures to meet local on-site requirements. Our goal is to standardize your factory infrastructure (layouts, plants, IT), accelerate plant construction and optimize the product development network between your locations.

Handling of diversity of vehicles and models

UNITY supports its customers in the development of concepts and the implementation of continuous variant management from product development to worldwide distributed production. ERP systems/ sub-systems (Teilstämme) are consolidated in the plants and then a global change management system is introduced.

Product Costing

Together with our customers, we formulate pricing strategies and systematize & harmonize product costing. Self-developed costing tools are replaced by commercial product costing solutions. Product cost calculation is seamlessly integrated in PEP.

Multi OEM Processes

Our goal is to create defined interfaces from Automotive supplier processes and structures to various OEMs. Other results include the introduction of supplier numbering systems, nomenclatures and supplier component-maturity level systematics.

Systems Engineering

UNITY offers support in the introduction of methods and tools for systems engineering and model-based development. We support our customers in the creation of organizational structures for cross-domain product development. In this area, we also provide systems engineering training courses to qualify your employees.

Project and Process Organization

We support our customers in the implementation of multi-project and project portfolio management. Another objective is to expand the PEP “from the idea to end of life.” Additional roles include the development of a PMO in an organization, the standardization of processing for vehicle projects, and the integration of project and line organization. Together, we create continuous, consistent project reporting in PEP.

PLM and IT Optimization

The goal is to migrate isolated IT solutions to integrated platforms. Yet another service that UNITY offers is expanding PLM systems, whereby processes and methods are adjusted to new possibilities and standards in PLM.

Optimization of prototyping

Order processing of prototypes is professionalized together with our customers. Furthermore, prototype construction is integrated deeper in PEP. We support our customers in customizing prototype processes to meet increased documentation requirements such as RFID.

Logistics und Supply Chain

Our objective is to set up the supply chain so that it can be adjusted quickly to new and changing customers and sub-suppliers. In addition, we focus on optimizing production planning and control, as well as optimizing replacement parts management and control of supply and discontinued parts.

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