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Digitalization Strategy

Digitalization Strategy

Digital Agenda: The Agenda for Your Digital Transformation

The successful planning and implementation of ideas and measures for Digital Transformation require a holistic approach that focuses on the development of a comprehensive Digital Agenda, incorporating a wide range of expertise. Our strategies are designed to efficiently harmonize effort and resources in your digital portfolio. The aim is to achieve a noticeable increase in performance in your business processes and improved customer interaction. Clearly defined performance indicators make these successes measurable. In collaboration with the UNITY experts, you develop a digitalization strategy tailored to your specific needs that ensures measurable success in your Digital Agenda and effectively accompanies you on your individual path to Digital Transformation.

The Digitalization Strategy or Digital Agenda addresses the key questions:

What level of maturity does the company have with regard to digital transformation?
On which goals and core areas does the company have to concentrate with regard to Digital Transformation?
How can digital transformation be implemented in an agile, efficient and value-enhancing way?

Consulting Services for Digitalization Strategy

Where do you stand today in the digital ecosystem and where is there a need for action?

Your benefits 

Understanding of one's own digital maturity level and awareness of one's own position.

UNITY solution approach

  • Carrying out a digital maturity check
  • Identification of value-creating processes and activities
  • Identification of digitalization potentials and risks
  • Development of indicators to measure the increase in efficiency and effectiveness of digitization measures
What is the digital target and which path must be taken to achieve it?

Your benefits

Concrete digital vision and defined fields of action for digital transformation.

UNITY solution approach

  • Create cross-functional vision (including alignment with corporate strategy)
  • Identify future requirements (customer, technology, market etc.)
  • Strategically derive digital areas of action
  • Establishment of measurable success criteria to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the digital measures implemented
Which measures and digital skills provide the greatest benefit for achieving the objectives?

Your benefits

Understanding of necessary digital skills in the company, financial effects and feasible measures.

UNITY solution approach

  • Identify "white gaps" in your own digital skills
  • Create area-specific digital roadmaps
  • Evaluate revenue and cost effects
  • Implementation of a tracking and evaluation system to quantify the increase in efficiency and effectiveness of digital measures
How can you guarantee a smooth transformation and an adaptive governance?

Your benefits 

Avoidance of implementation obstacles and an adaptive governance model.

UNITY solution approach

  • Implement holistic change management
  • Use best practices and agile project management
  • Introduction of indicators to measure the effectiveness of change management and adjustments to the governance model


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Set the right focus when developing your Digitalization Strategy

Paradigms for the successful implementation of your digital transformation
  • Role model
  • Responsibility
  • Priority
  • Employees
  • Competence
  • Infrastructure
  • External Know how
  • Clearance
  • Agility
  • Governance
  • Fail Fast
  • Never Stop
  • Holistic 
  • Customer/user-centric
  • Scaling
  • Focus

Project stories Digitalization Strategy

  • Digital Agenda - Consulting in Digital Strategy
  • Artificial intelligence in air traffic management – quantitative business model assessment
  • Corporate Strategie 2027+
  • Cross-departmental development of a business unit strategy
  • Concrete use cases and relevant technologies identified
  • The Digital City worth living in – Padeborn's pulse beats Digitally
  • Strategy check and implications: Future High-Tech Mobility​
  • Implementation plan for the sustainability strategy
  • Scenarios for the future of the marine business
  • EMtec IT Strategy Development
  • Setting a foundation for future-oriented innovation management
  • Identification of new business potentials with future scenarios
  • 战略实施、流程管理、领导力调整 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Strategy & Roadmap Quality 2025
  • Strategy development
  • Development of Service Concept
  • Strategy Development
  • Innovation Management – from Strategy to IT Implementation

Your contacts for Digitalization Strategy

Dr. Dominik Fischer

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Paderborn, Germany
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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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Philipp Wibbing

Partner, Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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Viviane Zimmermann

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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