Future viability in disruptive times: Strategies for growth & efficiency

Increasing Value and Efficiency

Strategic alignment for crisis-proof growth

Today, companies are confronted with new crises and disruptive trends on an almost daily basis. Unconventional, creative and bold solutions are required. In order to secure long-term growth, increase efficiency and improve company value, even in times of uncertainty, a strategic realignment is needed that prioritizes profitability and generates sustainable success.

Stimulating growth

Maximizing value & efficiency

To effectively maximize the long-term value of your company, we adapt your business strategy in line with dynamic market changes and evolving customer needs. Our focus is on the careful optimization of your value creation processes in order to not only increase efficiency but also significantly increase sales. In doing so, we focus on the unique core competencies of your company.

In addition, we provide comprehensive support in developing clear, targeted strategies and help with the strategic prioritization of investments in order to unleash the full potential of your company. This is done as part of our holistic transformation program, which aims to enable your company to meet current challenges and position it for future success.

ROI & effectiveness

Measurable benchmarks for success

In order to increase the long-term effectiveness of business decisions, initiatives to increase efficiency and performance must not only be seen as a short-term instrument in times of crisis, but as a continuous process. These initiatives should always be reviewed in terms of their return on investment (ROI) in order to ensure the effectiveness and measurability of the measures taken.

We support your company in sustainably improving efficiency. Our methods for increasing effectiveness and optimizing efficiency help your organization to identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths, with a focus on measurability of results and maximizing ROI. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support and to be an essential part of your holistic process optimization in order to achieve measurable and sustainable improvements.


Cost management

Quality and productivity in harmony

Innovative approaches are required to effectively control costs while maintaining established standards and familiar quality. These approaches make it possible to master the balancing act between cost savings and maintaining standards in quality.

Our expertise lies in developing customized cost reduction strategies and implementing them successfully without compromising quality of product or service. We carry out a comprehensive analysis of all your expenditures, including fixed costs and other types of expenses. Our cost management program translates strategic goals and measures from the corporate strategy into concrete implementation steps. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your cost targets without jeopardizing the stability and long-term success of your business. We understand the importance of financial stability and sustainable success in a dynamic business environment.



Consulting Services for Increasing Value and Efficiency

Maximize the benefits of your investments

Your challenges:

  • Uncertainty about investments and lack of clarity about expected ROI. 
  • Difficulty in measuring and evaluating the true effectiveness of business initiatives. 
  • Unclear opportunities to reduce costs and achieve resource efficiency without compromising quality. 
  • Need to differentiate and increase market value in a competitive market environment.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Perform detailed ROI analysis to quantify expected returns on investments. 
  • Measure and evaluate the true impact of business initiatives on company goals. 
  • Identify opportunities to save costs and increase efficiency - without compromising quality. 
  • Help prioritize investments to maximize long-term business value. 
  • Derive recommended actions to make informed business decisions.
Increase profitability, reduce costs.

Your challenges:

  • Complex business environment requires increased profitability. 
  • Difficulties in identifying profitable growth opportunities and areas. 
  • Challenges in optimizing operating costs and resource efficiency. 
  • Need to diversify revenue streams and improve margins.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Use of data analysis to identify profitable market segments and products. 
  • Identify efficiency opportunities and implement measures to reduce costs. 
  • Develop and implement long-term strategies to ensure continuous profits, e.g. by developing new sources of revenue and increasing margins.
Efficient decision-making for growth

Your challenges:

  • Uncertainty in long-term investment decisions due to crises and market fluctuations. 
  • Lack of integration of investment strategies into the corporate vision. 
  • Difficulties in assessing and minimizing risks in investment projects. 
  • Lack of transparency and measurability of ROI in strategic investments.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Plan and prioritize investments that contribute directly to the corporate strategy.
  • Use advanced analytical methods to identify, assess and minimize portfolio and investment risks.
  • Establish a robust system to monitor investment performance using clearly defined metrics 
  • Integrate sustainability criteria into the investment process to promote long-term, responsible growth strategies.
  • Regular review and adaptation of investment strategies to market changes and new technological developments.


Increase efficiency, minimize waste

Your challenges:

  • Rising operating costs with no change in productivity.
  • Lack of agility and flexibility in business processes. 
  • Long processing times and inefficient use of resources. 
  • Difficulties in implementing lean management practices.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Analysis and redesign of business processes to increase efficiency.
  • Implement lean management to reduce waste. 
  • Use automation technologies to improve processes. 
  • Training and workshops to promote a lean culture within the company. 
  • Continuous process monitoring and adjustment for long-term optimization. 
  • Individual strategy development tailored to specific customer needs.
Effective ways to achieve measurable innovation success

Your challenges:

  • Difficulties in generating new, market-driven product ideas. 
  • Lack of efficiency in existing innovation processes. 
  • Challenges in quantifying innovation projects. 
  • Lack of creative approaches for sustainable corporate growth.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Concrete workshop designs aimed at developing innovations with high sales potential. 
  • Efficient methods to quickly evaluate and select ideas based on their potential.
  • Detailed tools to estimate and optimize the cost-return ratio of innovation projects. 
  • Implementation of lean innovation processes to reduce development times and costs. 
  • Use of tracking systems to quantitatively record and analyze the market success of innovation projects.


Project Stories for Increasing Value and Efficiency

  • Product group strategy Geopress
  • Warehouse Logistics Strategy & Operations Model Design
  • Growing Digital ROI
  • Corporate Strategie 2027+
  • Digital Accelerator – Design of a Shared Service Unit

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