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Innovative solutions with blockchain

Distributed ledger technologies, in particular blockchain technology, has revolutionized the way we can handle and manage data and has become an extremely relevant topic in today's digital world.

With the growing need to integrate trust, security and transparency into our business processes, blockchain offers an innovative solution. It enables companies to store information in a decentralized manner, securely verify transactions and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. In addition, blockchain creates new use cases for efficient supply chains, digital identities and smart contracts. Its decentralized nature and ability to immutably record transactions make it an anchor of trust for companies and consumers alike.

At a time when data breaches and fraud are becoming increasingly common, blockchain offers a way to ensure the integrity and security of our digital interactions, creating a decentralized, trustworthy foundation for digital transformation.

Blockchain technology – what do you need to know?

Blockchain alone is not a panacea

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of potential applications, but it is important to have realistic expectations. It is important to note that blockchain is not suitable for solving complex medical problems or serving as a repository for large-volume file formats. As with any tool, blockchain should be used specifically for appropriate use cases to achieve optimal results.

We help you to identify real blockchain use cases in your specific environment and enable you to evaluate them independently.

Network effects in blockchain

A blockchain is operated by a so-called peer-2-peer network and is therefore, by definition, subject to the effects of the network economy. This means that the benefits of a blockchain-based solution increase with the number of players involved (at least up to a certain point). In fact, achieving critical mass is the Achilles heel of many failed projects – blockchain alone just doesn't make sense. Competitors are also among the players you should win over for a successful blockchain solution -- ‘coopetition’ is the right buzzword!

As a management consultancy, we have excellent cross-company networks in numerous sectors and can help you form powerful alliances.

Blockchain already exists “ready-made”

You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you build a car – the same holds true for blockchain! There are open source blockchain building blocks such as the Hyperledger Framework that you can build on. Depending on the use case, it can also make sense to use an existing public blockchain as a trust infrastructure and only build the application logic around it. 

We know the environment and will help you efficiently design blockchain solutions.

Our Consulting Services in Blockchain

Value proposition

Your challenges:

  • What are distributed ledger technologies, in particular blockchain, and what can the technology be used for? 
  • What opportunities, potentials, and risks do blockchain technology entail for your business model? 
  • Which use cases make sense for my company?

UNITY solution approach:

  • Basic training in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies 
  • Blockchain ideation for your industry, your processes and your business model 
  • Systematic and objective evaluation and selection of suitable use cases

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The key benefits at a glance


Blockchain is suitable for replacing intermediaries, either entirely or partially. As a result, you save costs for the remuneration of intermediaries and gain efficiency because the direct interaction saves process steps.


The later modification of data records on the blockchain is impossible. This prevents costly fraud and enables applications that have high auditability requirements – for example, in highly regulated industries.


Decentralized data storage on the blockchain enables maximum transparency for all involved players, who no longer have to fear being at the mercy of a "data octopus." Gain transparency over the entire system – for example, over your entire supply or value chain.

Process automation

So-called "smart contracts" (simple computer programs that allow the automated execution of contractual terms when defined parameters are met) can be used to automate cross-company processes. These are tamper-proof thanks to the properties of the blockchain on which they operate.

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Projektstorys Blockchain

  • Blockchain Use Case „EVE“

    Analyse und Handlungsempfehlungen

    • Vorhandener Blockchain Use Case „Enhanced Proof of Validation with ENVITED (EVE)“ in gemeinsamem Workshop beschrieben sowie Herausforderungen und Risiken bezüglich dessen Umsetzung identifiziert
    • Identifizierte Herausforderungen detailliert, analysiert und aktuelle Entwicklungen, Positionierungen etc. recherchiert
    • Lösungsansätze und Handlungsempfehlungen zum weiteren Vorgehen auf Basis der Analyseergebnisse abgeleitet

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  • Tezos Blockchain Pitch Deck

    Selbsterklärendes „Pitch Deck”

    • Vorbereitung und Durchführung eines Experten-Workshops mit Tezos Blockchain- und Ökosystemexperten zur Definition von Scope und Zielgruppe
    • Entwicklung einer Pitch Storyline und Definition einer modularen Pitch Deck-Struktur, die es erlaubt, mit wenig Aufwand empfängergerechte Präsentationen/Informationsmaterialien zusammenzustellen
    • Sammlung und Verarbeitung weiterer Informationen aus verschiedenen im Workshop definierten Quellen

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